Thursday 20th October 2016


Overcast, light drizzle falling at times. No wind.  All rivers are fishable. If this sort of weather hangs around then it should be great fishing for the long weekend. The evening rises should be great without the cold wind!! 

fly fishing tongariro river hydro 3 pool 20102016.jpg

(Above) I went out just after lunch to check on the river.  This was at 1:00pm at the Hydro "Riffle" looking upstream to the "Always Fail" Pool. Amazing .... didn't see anyone taking advantage of some prime water.

(Below) Looking across to the pumice cliff at the Hydro "Riffle".  The Kowhai trees are in full flower at the moment and "hordes" of Tui's are flying around in gangs.

fly fishing tongariro river hydro 1 pool 20102016.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream to the tail of the Hydro Pool.  Overcast skies but no rain of substance yet ... just drizzle at times.

fly fishing tongariro river hydro 2 pool 201102016.jpg



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