Friday 20th November 2015


Overcast and drizzly rain to start the day with here in Turangi today.  Slight breeze but nothing to concern the fly angler. 

I just had another angler in the shop this morning who reported a massive hatch of green beetles while he was playing golf. Might explain why most boat anglers calling in the shop tend to be catching fish down at this end of the Lake with something green to it. 

I decided to head out for an evening rise fish last night. Unfortunately the sky clouded over and there was a very chilly breeze which picked up just on dark.  Fish did rise.  The rise lasted for about 20 minutes and it appeared to be mostly Mayflies.

As soon as I got to the river I spotted this huge brown! It looked like a lurking submarine!!



I caught one fish on a Mayfly emerger, then changed to a Mayfly dry and hooked another two.  They were rising on the other side of the river and I had to punch my flies over there.  The first one that took was fantastic.  The fly landed on the water, drifted about 1m and the fish literally jumped out of the water as it took it !!  I managed to get the fish back to my side of the river but the hook pulled out about 2m from the bank !!!  A few casts later I hooked and landed another one.

I decided to change to the Sporting Caddis, fired it across the other side of the river .... the line hit the water, I looked down to untangle the line at my feet and next thing I know a fish grabbed my fly ! I landed that one too ! 


(Above) "Sammy the Sardine" caught on the Mayfly emerger.  Some anglers get hung up on size of fish but to me a fish is a fish ... it is the ability to outsmart it that is the interesting part.


(Above) The landed rainbow that took the Mayfly dry.

(Below) Well and truly hooked.


(Below) The fish caught on the Sporting Caddis. 



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