Monday 20th November 2017


Fine and sunny start to the day in Turangi today. A gusty SE wind is blowing. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

The wind has been a bit of an issue over the last few days. Quite intense at times, especially for the lake fishermen of Lake Rotoaira and Otamangakau.  At least with the rivers you can get some cover by banks and vegetation. 

Yesterday was really cold too !  Almost fire lighting weather.  I suppose that can be Spring .... usually unsettled weather, hot one minute, cold the next, calm and then howling screaming wind ! 

Nymphing should be worth a look during the day.  The fish should be feeding hard out on nymphs during the day now and if there is an evening rise then they should be also feeding quite heavily for that. Predominantly may fly and caddis nymphs.  Glo bugs might also still be worth a burn though.

We've been pretty busy in the shop over the last week or so.  Plenty of anglers turned up for the weekend from Wanganui.  Most headed out boat fishing and Andrew reported most caught fish using plenty of different lures with not one real stand out lure doing the trick.   The Black and Gold toby is worth a burn, Yellow and White Cobra, Green and Gold toby, Traffic Light toby, red toby, and blue and silver toby seem to have been quite effective. 

Here is another double hook-up video from Lake Otamangakau thanks to Jason Bethune from Troutbeck Fishing Lodge. 

   Lake Otamangakau Double Hook-up


(Below) I saw this rainbow rising in the evening yesterday and was wondering how I could catch it ;-)


rising rainbow 19112017.jpg



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