Sunday 20th December 2015


A fine sunny start to the day today with little wind at this stage. This may increase later in the day. At least the sun has come out !!

Anglers are still enjoying the evening rise on the Tongariro. Some having trouble figuring out what the fish are taking but others know exactly. Appears one fish reported caught the other evening by an angler was chokka full of caddis pupa, most likely taken as emergers.

Lake Taupo still continues to fish reasonably well given the windy conditions.  Spoke to another angler in the shop yesterday who had lost a big brown just before attempting to land it by the boat.  He said this is the third one he has caught this year having previously caught none.  This has been the comment of a lot of other boaties I have spoken to over the last few weeks.

Still appears to be green beetle on the diet plus the odd reports of smelt down deep.

Just starting to get busy in the shop now so reports may be a bit intermittent over the next few weeks due to the holiday period with the town going crazy.



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