Thursday 21st January 2016


Fine and sunny today with some cloud about.  It appears the rain the other day has put a reddish/brown sludge into the Tongariro.  Appears it may have been a slip but in general most slips from the Tongariro will put pumice into the river.  This appears to have come off the Desert Road / Mountain where there is more the reddish brown clay type of soil.  This may impact on the insect life in the river by smothering it.  Anglers have reported walking through about a foot of sticky mud in places.   Another good flood should scour this out. In the faster water this should be ok as the current should keep the sediment moving.

We had Mark Buttar and his son Daniel call into the shop yesterday afternoon to show me a good sized fish they caught jigging out on Lake Taupo. We took a picture and weighed it in at 5.6lb.  It was nice and fat. The jigging has been quite good for the last two weeks however a few anglers are still reporting quite a few "long skinny" spent fish with a few nice ones in amongst them.  It sounds like there are selected pockets of nice ones.


 (Above) Daniel Buttar with a nice 5.6lb trout from Lake Taupo caught jigging on a Ginger Mick fly. The thought of Daniel and his father Mark were " Grandad .... you should have come to Turangi to do some fishing !"

(Below) Mark emailed me later in the afternoon with a couple more photos. Mark writes:

Hi Jared - just filleted the fish you saw this morning that my son Daniel caught.
Bright orange and it was full of fresh water crayfish - big ones...
Regards - P.Nut


 (Above) Just to remind you that it is Daniel's fish that Mark is holding onto ;-)


 (Above & Below) The classic "orange" trademark of the "Koura Munching" trout.  For those of you who do not know what a Koura is ... "Freshwater Crayfish"


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