Saturday 21st January 2017


Overcast, no wind as of 9:00am this morning here in Turangi today. All rivers are fishable.

Quite a few more anglers are heading up to fish Lake Otamangakau now.  February is usually a busy month for up there. Much nicer once the weather settles ... if it ever will !!

I received a couple of emails yesterday thanks to anglers who have headed this way to fish. It is great to see the kids getting out and about to enjoy a spot of fishing.

The first email is thanks to Sam and Sarah. This is a fish caught by young Hugo.  I think they said they had only been out 5 minutes.  Hugo was pretty chuffed. They write:

Hugo .. fish ... Stump Bay 3.5lb

hugo stump bay jan 2017.jpg


tongariro river fly fishing keith 1 burrell granddaughters jan 2017.jpg

(Above & Below) This email and photos were thanks to Keith Burrell. Keith writes:

Hi Jared
Spent three days in Xanadu (Turangi) ((for those who don't know what that is here is the definition , a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment )) and taught my grand daughters to
fly fish. Both hooked up once, and yes, both panicked and lost the fish
BUT loved it never the less. I have fished the Tongariro for about 40
years and never thought I would have so much pleasure from sitting on
the bank teaching these girls fish and all the attributes to go with it.
Thank you for your guidance over the many years, it is always a pleasure
to frequent your great shop and staff.
Regards Keith.

tongariro river fly fishing keith 2 burrell granddaughters jan 2017.jpg

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