Tuesday 21st February 2017


A fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today and the cicadas are chirping madly. The cicadas are thick on the trees and houses around town at the moment. The humidity and wet weather have kept them going. The sunny day should aid those who wish to fish with a cicada. The river still looked to have a bit of a dark olivey colour to it last night but that could have been due to cloud cover.  

A few anglers were in the shop this morning reporting a frustrating day up at Lake O yesterday .... 8 hours and not one fish but they did say that everyone else around them were catching fish. The advice they were given was to try small naturals ... they said they tried everything .... I said they got their money's worth out of the fishing then spending 8 hours doing it ;-)

The Tongariro has been fishing really well for quite some time now.  It has got lots of fish in it, but doing the right thing will secure said fish .... if not then you will be "going fishing" versus "going catching".  Reading the conditions and changing when necessary to make the best of an opportunity is the key .... for example if the river is dirty ... not much point fishing a cicada .... change to a wetline or nymph. 


(Below) I saw Jens rigged up in his full fishing regalia last night heading out for a fish .... he was busy looking around to find a place to fish as there were anglers in most spots. He looks to have had success as well .... possibly for the evening rise going by the dark background .... most likely on a sedge but if he was lucky it was on one of those cicadas that he had tied on his rod ;-)


jens muller buckland tongariro rainbow 20022017.jpg

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