Tuesday 21st March 2017


Fine and sunny start here in Turangi this morning. Another heavy dew on the ground. No wind as of 10:00am.  All rivers are clear and fishable. Still plenty of fish reported in the Tongariro. Appears quite a few "subway" fish have turned up after the flood from a week ago.  These fish are usually 6 inches or a foot long.  Also referred to in previous years as "river rodents". Quite good fun and give most anglers a bit of action but sometimes hinder your chances at getting a bigger fish as they attack your flies quicker than the big fellas.  Their eyes are usually bigger than their bellies!

The following photos and email is thanks to Charlie Dixon who was here last week fishing with his Dad who is out from England. Charlie writes:

Hi Jared,


Though I’d give you a fishing quick report from the few days we spent last week in Turangi. The fishing was excellent again. The mid-upper river seems to be holding a lot of fish at the moment. The river was running nice and clear so there was plenty of opportunities for sight fishing to feeding fish. Most fish were responding well to Pheasant tail and caddis nymphs, as well as a woolly bugger on the sinking line. My Dad, who was over from England on holiday managed to snare the best two fish, which were two nice fat rainbows. Both weighing in at 5lb. Between us we hooked into plenty of fish over the two days so all in all a great trip. Although that big Tongariro brownie still eludes me. To think I’d vacated the pool just before you landed that monster brownie the other night!!  Anyway here’s a few snaps of some of fish landed. See you next time.



charlie 1 dixon march 2017.jpg

(Above) Charlie with a fish taken at Lake Otamangakau.

charlie 2 dixon march 2017.jpg


charlie 3 dixon march 2017.jpg

(Below) Charlie's Dad with a nice plump Tongariro River rainbow.

charlie 4 dixon march 2017.jpg


charlie 5 dixon march 2017.jpg

(Below) Charlie with a nice spotty rainbow from the Tongariro River.

charlie 6 dixon march 2017.jpg

(Below) Charlie's Dad looking pretty pleased with himself again !

charlie 7 dixon march 2017.jpg


charlie 8 dixon march 2017.jpg

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