Striking day on  the Tongariro


Well its again a beautiful day here in Turangi, not a cloud in the sky and very minimal wind, you should all be taking the day off and going fishing. There is a fantail outside the door of the shop right now chirping away enjoying the morning sun and I'm pretty sure he will fly into the shop soon to keep me company and possibly relieve himself on a rod or two before I escort him out :)


There was chatter of good numbers of fish moving through Major Jones Pool by several customers yesterday which is encouraging, I haven't had a chance to get down to the river to have a look this morning but I received a call from a mate who said he had just landed a fresh looking hen on the Tongariro, he was running a double nymph rig with about a 10 foot leader in fairly shallow water with a small indicator setup about 3/4 of the way down the leader. A good start to the morning for him.


I read a good article last night on Strike Indicators by Chris Dore a South Island Guide, and then listening to my friend this morning about his indicator placement I thought I would see what you guys do with your indicators? how you set them up? where you set them up? do you use them at all? Big? Small? Whats your setup? Flick an email through to

Would love to hear your thoughts?





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