Tuesday 21st June 2016


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today.  No wind. All rivers are fishable.

I went out for a flick on Sunday to check out some more of the river after the 200 cumec flood a few weeks back (it takes a while to cover the river when you get the odd day off here and there and being the middle of winter there is basically no light before or after work !!)

I started off in town and hooked three and landed one in about half an hour ... got bored and thought I would go up-river.  I looked from the Red Hut to the Silly Pool.  There is some really nice looking water up there .... I basically had the river to myself ??? I hooked another 7 but I was having a shocker as most of the fish I hooked came off.  I was trialing some new hooks and was wondering if that may have been the issue !!  However there was some really nice looking water up there and I saw a few nice fish. 


(Above) The Red Hut swing bridge

(Below) Looking upstream from the Red Hut bridge on Sunday. There were about four cars in the carpark but not another angler to be seen until right towards the end of the day.  The wind picked up in the afternoon and it made the going quite tough punching the line into it all afternoon. 




(Above) One of the 3 and a bit fish I did manage to land ! I'm still not hitting anything too fresh.

(Below) A solid little jack that fought quite well.


(Below) Another rainbow landed. If you were wondering why I take a picture with my foot, it gives a reference to the length of the fish. By the way they are not the same pictures of the same fish ;-) and also I try and leave the fish in the water so as not to disturb/handle them too much prior to releasing.


(Below) The "bit fish".  I hooked this one on the gill plate with the glo bug.  I haven't hooked many of these tiddlers for a while so it was a bit of a buzz to get one.  Boy do they fight like little pocket rockets !


(Below) "Eye am keeping an eye on you !"  Check out the colours and detail around the eye.  Notice the greeny/gold colours of this rainbow.


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