Thursday 21st July 2016


Fine and sunny. A MASSIVE gusty wind blowing hard out first thing this morning which has eased. All rivers are fishable today.

I headed up to Auckland on Tuesday to do a talk for the North Shore Fly Fishing club. It was a general talk on the Taupo Fishery. I try not to get out of Turangi too often but it is good once in a while to see how the other half live. The bonus of Turangi is we don't have a set of traffic lights and getting from A to B is quite easy.  Anglers say to me how busy the river is when 5 anglers are in a pool ...... man you have no idea how busy things are until you try getting around in Auckland on the motorway or at a set of traffic lights! Hi spec cars capable of doing great speeds crawling along at 10km an hour or less !!

(Below) Light traffic conditions on Tuesday in Auckland

auckland fly fishing trip 19072016.jpg

(Below) Rush hour in Turangi this morning. What a stunning day it has turned out to be now that the wind has died off.

turangi rush hour.jpg

(Below) Some of the hardy souls that make up the North Shore Fly Fishing Club.  If you live up that way and would like to know more or join then check out their website at the following address:


auckland fly fishing trip talk 19072016.jpg

(Below) The sprawling metropolis of Turangi with the Tongariro River to the left of the picture.  Taken in the late Spring.

turangi aeirial photo.jpg


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