Friday, 21st July 2017


Overcast.  The odd shower at times. No wind as of 8:30am. The Tongariro is unfishable, high and flooded peaking at 370 cumecs. Running a light brown colour. The wind may pick up a bit from mid morning, expected to be gusty NW with hail forecast.

8:50am The sun has come out ...... 


tongariro 3 flood 21072017.jpg

(Above) Looking upstream from the SH 1 road bridge at 8:15am this morning.

(Below) The water has come over the Bridge supports.  Too thick to drink and too thin to plough ;-)

tongariro 1 flood 21072017.jpg

 (Below) Looking downstream from the SH1 road bridge.

tongariro 2 flood 21072017.jpg

(Below) The Tongariro River at the Major Jones Pool yesterday in comparison to today. I have to have a sly grin at anglers who complain that the river is "low and clear, we won't go fishing coz we are waiting for rain" ... just remember when it is "low and clear" it is ALWAYS FISHABLE !!!

Glen and Chris 1 Te Kuiti 20072017.jpg

These two anglers are from Te Kuiti ... Glen and young fella Chris here to do a spot of fishing for the School Holidays. I was up on the road talking to another angler and I heard "zzzz, zzzzzzz, zzzzz, zzzz" which sounded like a reel being burned out by a fish ...  I couldn't see at that stage then got down closer to the bank and I see Chris with his rod under his arm looking to tie another fly on ..... "did it get away ?"  "yep, bloody good fish too" !

Glen and Chris 2 Te Kuiti 20072017.jpg

(Below) Young Fella Chris nymphing the Major Jones Pool.

Glen and Chris Te Kuiti 20072017.jpg





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