Friday 21st August 2015


A cold, frosty start to the morning today.  The sun diminished as the fog rolled in. The bonus is that there is no wind.

There have been a few anglers staying over the last week that have been out and about and most are pleased with the way things have been fishing for them raving that it is the "best year" they have had (should have read the reports I posted at the start of the year forecasting the year ahead).

We have the Fireman's Competition coming up next week and there should be an influx of anglers there.

Also a reminder that Lake Rotoaira opens on 1st September (where does the time go?)  I might as well wish you Merry Christmas now !! Lake Otamangakau opens 1st October.

Still a mixture of anglers nymphing and wetlining.  Most anglers nymphing are still taking out glo bugs...... handfuls with the odd flashback starting to move in the sunnier, clearer conditions. Wetliners seem to be taking red, orange, green or yellow rabbits with the odd woolly bugger. 

The "Yellow Haze" is just starting ..... pine tree pollen is starting to waft across the country and cars are now starting to take on a yellowish tinge.  Nothing like fishing down at the river seeing clouds of yellow blowing off the pine trees along the river. Great for the old hay fever sufferers ;-)

Should be about just over another month until we start to see the first Mayflies starting to hatch.  Normally mid to late September.  Will be interesting to see what sort of hatches there will be after all of the flooding this year.... hopefully a few nymphs have hung on !

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