Monday, 21st August 2017


OMG !!!!!!  We have some SUNSHINE !!!!! A nice sunny day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is still flowing at 50 cumecs and is highly fishable. It is taking a while for the water to drain out of the river.  Everything is just saturated from the rain that we have been having. 

Hopefully the river levels will taper off a wee bit this week with the forecast sunshine, however the extra flows have been a boomer for the wetliners. It is kind of funny that anglers haven't made a "peep" of noise at fishing the river at 50 cumecs for the last week, but when the river has been 27 cumecs for months on end and then we get a bit of rain and it comes up to 50 cumecs they usually don't fish it as it is "too high"??  Strange ...

Spring continues to advance with more Cherry blossoms making an appearance .... this usually marks the beginning of hatches.  Keep your eyes peeled for hatching Mayflies over the next few weeks.  This can improve your nymphing if you see a hatch going on. We are still not out of Winter yet and some of our nastiest weather can appear in the Spring in the form of passing hail / sleet and snow showers ..... next month can usually be very windy as well with the Equinoctial winds. This weather pattern may mean fine one minute, horrible the next, fine the next, horrible the next and so on as passing fronts move over. It makes for an interesting day on the river when it is quite fine and sunny then all of a sudden you are being pelted by heavy rain or hail.

The wind is also a pain in the rear end as Mayflies are hatching and you are trying to present a nice cast to a rising fish ..... when you want to cast there is usually a 50 knot wind blowing which causes your fly to go adrift and get snagged and then you find when you are re-tying your new fly on it is usually calm until you go to make another cast !!! Who the hell invented fly fishing ??


peter carty and kai 19082017 .jpg 

(Above) Peter Carty with a nice silver fresh run Tongariro Rainbow. I like the chrome colour of these fish with just that hint of a pinkish tinge.

(Below) This was a good sized fish Peter landed on Saturday using his Spey Rod swinging flies.  He though "mmm, this one looks quite a good size .... I had better weigh it!"  This one came in at 6lb.

Pete often chuckles to himself at how many anglers tell us they lost a 6lbder, or lost an 8lder etc and as he says "if you don't weight it, don't say it!"  It is hard to weigh a fish that is never actually landed ;-)

More often than not the 6lber is more likely a 3.5lbder.

Also apparently every fish that is landed in the Taupo Fishery is a "5lbder" and every fish that is lost is a "big brown"

Quite often than not the " eyeometer scales "  are not calibrated that well ;-)

peter carty swinging 6 lbder 19082017.jpg

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