Monday 21st September 2015


 So its midday and its still as cold as it was this morning. On the way into town this morning the wind on the road was so bad, my first thought was "Oh dear the poor anglers," I realized that although I am not an angler my first thoughts are to you guys. Isn't that nice? I think so!

As I was saying the weather is overcast and cold. I am trying to walk around and keep warm as its chilling my bones. But that hasn't seemed to stop our anglers out there, this morning was a hectic morning that kept us all on our toes. The anglers that I spoke to and listened to mostly said that there was heaps of trout in that river being caught. Sounds like the upper river is being very productive but due to the wind, Graham was pointing people to the Hinemaiaia in the hopes to get out of that cold wind.

We have had a busy morning selling flys, glo bugs were popular as well as green caddis, but this morning I unpacked an order and we have some mayflys also come in. According to Jareds "Yvettes fishing lesson for the day" (I get them very regularly) Mayflys are coming thru, and this time of the year coming into next month there will be a change in the bugs we see in the river. Which clever me understands a change in the flies that anglers use. So why don't you pop in and have a look at our stock, and a chin wag to John or myself as Jared isn't here today. Then grab a coffee (essential for a cold day) and pop down to the river for a fish!

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