Thursday 21st September 2017


It was short lived .... the blue sky .... back to overcast and raining again today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is down to a fishable 39 cumecs. Aren't you glad I posted a photo of blue sky the other day ? Might be the only chance we get to see it for the rest of the year !!

A few anglers have reported rising fish over the last few days so it is time to break out the dry fly box.

Don't forget that daylight savings begins this coming weekend so it means there should be more daylight hours after work to get out for a fish. 

A reminder that Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau open 1st October (UPPER REACHES OF RIVERS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 1st DECEMBER - Except Waipakihi )

Also a reminder that the new season Fish and Game fishing licence begin on 1st October.  The opening of the season for most of their rivers usually keep anglers closer to their home waters leaving the Tongariro and other Taupo Rivers devoid of anglers who are pursuing different interests (unless their waters flood and become unfishable ).

This is the time of the year I really like fishing the Tongariro as there are still fresh run fish, huge numbers of fish and generally fewer anglers and the fish start rising ......

admirals pool 1 carpark 21092017.jpg

(Above) I went up to have a look at the Admirals Pool area of the river at lunchtime ..... saw fish but didn't see any anglers.  This is looking upstream from where you park the car. (Below) Looking towards Slab Alley / Cicada Pool part of the river.  This is an interesting part of the river. You can see the white layer of volcanic pumice which has covered what was most likely the old river bed.  It gives you a hell of a fright if you are fishing a pool and part of the cliff collapses.

admirals pool 2 carpark 21092017.jpg


(Below) The swirly deep pool of the Admirals Pool. Part of the aspect of fishing the Tongariro River for me is to extract fish out of places that I go fishing. The skill of trying to work out how to get fish in particular spots/pools is what some anglers like rather than how many or how big they have to be.  At the end of the day these types of anglers will always catch fish as they are thinking about things like the current flows, depths of pools, speed of the water, drifts of flies, sunny days versus cloudy days, whether the water is dirty or clear and so on and so on versus the anglers who stand in one spot all day, fish only one pool and wait for a fish to eventually swim past.  The danger of this type is that if the river changes, you might find yourself a little short on where to go and what to do ??

admirals pool 3 car park 21092017.jpg




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