Saturday 21st November 2015


An overcast start to the day today.  The wind is quite blustery in town but you should be able to find some sheltered spots down by the river. The Tongariro is up slightly to about 34 cumecs due to rain yesterday and overnight. This is still highly fishable. If it does contain some colour then it should be a bonus for the anglers who have found the fishing slower.  Should be awesome for the wetline too. If there is some colour then it may be a good chance to catch a good brown or two ;-)

Yesterday saw a huge bunch of anglers turn up for the weekend.  They all came from Wanganui. I think there was about 60 of them.  Mostly appear to be boat fishermen so watch out on the lake !!  Might be like Nelson's Flotilla !

A little bit of delayed coverage from the last week or two. Bob writes:

Hi Graham/Jared

Just a few more pics from our recent stay..... 
Bob & Phil's fish were caught a the top of Shag Pool & Grumpy's fish was upstream from Major Jones Bridge (Hydro Pool??).
Had a great time in Turangi as usual and really appreciate the info from yourselves along with good friendly chit chat pretty much each day as it turns out! 
Thanks again and hopefully not too long before we're back in town!!

Cheers, Bob Corrie


(Above) Bob (Below) Grumpy


(Below) Phil


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