Monday 21st November 2016


O.M.G !!!  I don't believe it !!! We have a beautiful sunny day with NO WIND and NO RAIN !!!!!  However, the wind could pick up during the day, but fingers crossed it doesn't.  All the rivers should be fantastic to fish today. Get into it and make the most of the awesome day.

The nymphing should be awesome.  We have a keen angler who takes a big interest in the aquatic insect life and he was collecting specimens in a jar the other day and managed to identify these.

He had a closed net 1m long fixed over a 50x40cm frame and collected from two sights on the Tongariro.  The main bugs he identified in high quantities were the following (click on the links to find out more), or for the more simplified of us Mayflies and Caddis. There were in amongst them the odd few other bugs but too many to list. So for the real fly fishermen amongst us you might take some interest .... for the others try a glo bug ;-)


x270   Ephemeroptera  (Mayfly)

x123   Coloburiscus humeralis (Walker)  (or more like the Kakahi Queen)

x126  Delatidium lillii - group  (Mayfly)

x33 Trichoptera  (tan / white / cream / greyish caddis )

x24   Aoteapsyche colonica (McLachlan)    (green caddis)


So, for those of you who only fish with a glo bug and find when that is "not working" and there are "no fish out there" and the "fishery is doomed", you might want to try one of the above flies instead !  Same applies for the boat anglers who find if there are no smelt out there, try a bully pattern or a snail pattern or a koura pattern or something else !

Hint ..... Observation is a KEY FISHING skill !

Another hint ... different types of water and river bed will hold different life.

(Below) Here are some photos from previous years showing the types of insect life that have been around and in the quantities that may also be around.


trout 1gut 05082010.jpg

(Above) A mixture of Mayflies and Caddis out of the gut of one fish.

(Below) A mixture of mayflies, caddis, caddis pupa and creeper nymphs out of the gut of one fish.

These two examples are from fish caught just after a good flood.

trout 2 gut 11062010.jpg






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