Monday 21st December 2015


A nice sunny day here in Turangi today with no wind (at this stage!).  Similar to yesterday but the wind ended up arriving big time just before lunch. 

I have been on a mission to catch a fish in the Tokaanu Tailrace using the spinning rod.  After my last time out which I hooked a beauty that got off, I hadn't landed one. So my enthusiasm has kept up to try and actually land one.

I headed out a little earlier last night to see what was going on. The wind was still up a bit but I wanted to check out to see what wildlife was about.


(Above & Below) Bull rushes at the Tokaanu Tailrace in the evening light.


I fished for quite some time with no luck.  As it started to darken I saw the odd fish rise to what looked like the odd Mayfly.  I fired my lures out over those areas but no luck. A little bit later I heard a "zic zic" behind me and thought ... what the? It was a cicada !!!  Out in a cold breeze !!! Another few weeks and they should be all on.


I was casting and looking and I noticed a few schools of small fish swim past at my feet.  They were either small baby trout or smelt.  Bit too dark looking for smelt. I watched them swim past for a while .... no bites .... then where I was looking I saw three fish ... what the ?  they were catfish ..... they just appeared where I had been watching.  I couldn't resist plopping my lure in front of them ... 1st time one had a go, missed second time .... whack ... got it !


(Above) This is quite a big catfish.  One of the bigger ones that I have "landed" over the years.  (Below) Most are put off by how ugly these catfish are .... check out the "whiskers".


I landed the catfish and took a few photos.  After that I went back to where I was standing fired out a few casts and "whack" I hooked this trout !! Mission to land a trout accomplished !


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