Wednesday 21st December 2016


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today. Very slight breeze. All rivers are clear and fishable.  Looks like the weather might be coming right !!!  About time.

Neil from Australia is over here in Turangi giving the fishing a nudge.  He has had a great time in the Tongariro over the last few days and done really well using a dry fly / dropper combo during the day.  He said the fish have been coming up and looking at the dry but mostly going for the nymph.  He has landed some quite good rainbows.



(Above) Neil's wife Sally with a good sized rainbow caught yesterday in the Tongariro River.

(Below) A nice fat rainbow landed by Neil using a dry dropper combo.


(Below) Neil's only been in town a few days but has given his Sage One fly rod a good bending !


(Below) For those of you who don't remember Neil .... this is him back in his Native Queensland in the "West Island" of New Zealand .... a small Island we call Australia ;-)

Neil's right into his saltwater fly fishing but likes the fresh as nothing wants to eat him ... or he doesn't have to wash his gear down at the end of the day to get the salt off !

neil4cunnington 2016.jpg

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