Thursday 21st December 2017


Fine and sunny. No wind as of 10:00am. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

Boy did it blow yesterday !!! It blew hard all day and even well into the night.   The day today so far .... is calm, however the wind may pick up mid afternoon. 

Sorry for the lack of reports over the last week or so.  Been flat out in the shop unpacking stock for the Christmas Holidays. If the weather stays nice then quite a few people will most likely hit the lake to fish. 

Still plenty of fish in the Tongariro with anglers using dries during the day and evening ( depending on wind conditions ).  A few nice browns caught over the last week.  A few more of these will trickle into the river over the next few weeks with numbers building as we head towards March. The odd cicada heard ... still been quite cold at times which usually shuts them down. 

Jigging has still been quite good if you can get out due to the wind. Silicon Smelts, Silli Smelts, Red Bodied Taupo Tigers and Ginger Micks might be worth a burn. 

(Below) Andrew "thumbing a lift" down beside the Tongariro River this morning for his morning report on the Book Of Face.  Today is A LOT calmer than it was yesterday. He said the river looked awesome for fishing today .... any volunteers want to work for me today ??

tongariro river 21 december 2017.jpg

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