Friday 22nd January 2016


A nice sunny day to start the day with today.  All rivers are fishable. The Tongariro still contained a touch of colour to it yesterday evening which should have given anglers an edge on catching fish. A few anglers were catching fish yesterday in the Tongariro nymphing. Appears a few green caddis may have been dislodged in the flood a few days back. the river has been ideal for wetlining and nymphing with the colour that it has contained.


(Above) A beautiful summer evening here in Turangi yesterday.  Looking downstream to the S.H.1 road bridge. The cicadas down by the river were deafening last night.

(Below) Looking down to the S.H.1 road bridge and Bridge Motel. Turangi is a fantastic place to live if you enjoy the outdoors and LOVE your fishing.  Our climate is pretty good too.  We seem to have a micro climate of our own and miss most of the bad weather that other parts of the country gets. 25-26 degrees celcius in summer and if we are lucky about -5 degrees in winter (two or three a year) .... mostly frosts and basically once or twice a year we may get the odd snowflakes hit the ground and melt.  People think we are high up in the mountains but the town only sits at about 390m above sea level. 


(Below) Looking upstream to the Judges Pool. The Kaimanawa Ranges to the left of the picture, Mt Pihanga to the right. 


(Below) Toitoi blowing in the breeze yesterday evening.




(Above & Below) A few pictures sent in by our friends from overseas.  The top picture is thanks to Kjell Frank from Sweden who lives in Stockholm.  He took this picture of some deer walking past his house in the snow (basically central city!).

  The picture and email below is thanks to Claudio who just flew home last week (with these pictures I am thinking that is why most prefer to come to NZ for the summer). Although to us here in NZ this looks beautiful .... I am sure that you would all prefer the Winters we get here !


Hello friends

I'm claudio, the flyfisher from switzerland.
Now i'm back in the icecold switzerland. We have a lot of snow and -15C to -38C!!! I hope you enjoy the NewZealand summer �� and i can comeback to newzealand soon!!!

I wish you all the best and thank you for all your helps! Have a good time and greats on andrew

claudio wyss




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