Monday 22nd January 2018


Overcast with light steady rain falling. Very humid. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 38 cumecs and is very fishable. 


summer angling 4 turangi new zealand 20012018.jpg

(Above) I was out for a wander checking out the river the other day and noticed this young fella struggling to cross the S.H.1 road bridge carrying this Monster Brown !! I saw him talking to an angler down by the river and then he was up on the bridge.  This thing was almost as big as him !!! The angler called out to one of his mates to wrap it in a wet towel to keep it fresh !

summer angling 2 turangi new zealand 20012018.jpg

(Above) Looking downstream to the Bridge Pool of old from a few days ago.

(Below)  Looking across to the Bridge Fishing Lodge. The township of Turangi takes up most of the flat area in amongst the trees. Most of these trees are oak trees that are now about 35-40 years old and getting quite big.  They provide some much needed shade for the Summer and are stunning to view in the Autumn, however they provide a lot of work in the Autumn when it comes time to raking the leaves up !

summer angling 3 turangi new zealand 20012018.jpg

(Below) With the higher flows I have been enjoying the wetlining.  Some good solid hits and once again quite a few Sammy the Sardines !

summer angling 1 turangi new zealand 21012018.jpg


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