Thursday 22nd February 2018


Overcast and cool this morning.  Thermometer said 13.4 degrees celcius at 8:00am.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at 38 cumecs.

Some good browns have been picked up in the Tongariro over the last week. A few nice fresh fish have been reported running already.  Just remember early in the season you don't get huge numbers but generally the quality is really good. Higher flows and slight colour have favoured the wetliners.

The odd few fish have been reported rising during the day on the Tongariro. 

Andrew has reported some good fishing at the river mouths over the last week .... still a few spent fish reported by some anglers and depending on which mouth you are at. 

(Below) Jens managed to catch another nice conditioned rainbow last night.  Considering the challenges of fishing here over the last few weeks in terms of floods / storms etc he has been doing pretty good in terms of catching.  We still get a lot of anglers in the shop asking if it is worth going fishing ?  Is it worth breathing ???  The best time to go fishing is .... "whenever you feel like it !"


jens nice rainbow 21022018.jpg

(Below) These pictures are thanks to Bill from Papamoa.  Bill writes: 

Hi Guys

This may or may not be of interest to you folk? I recently received from a friend some fishing bits and pieces that belonged to her Grandfather that dated back 60 plus years! Inside one of the fly boxes, I found his 1956/57 Taupo Fishing Licence, probably Granddad’s last season he fished in Taupo. It was interesting to read the old regulations back then including with the part with the daily limit being 8 fish over 14 inches, kept or released. Littering was an offence back then.


Cheers Bill from Papamoa

taupo-licence-1956 small.jpg

(Above) I said to Bill I have similar recollections to this licence.  When I was growing up as a kid in the 70's I remember my season licence was yellow coloured and I think cost a $1. I used to keep it in my pocket which when my pants got washed came out in about 100 bits of mushy yellow paper !

taupo-licence-rules-1956 small.jpg

(Below) Check out the bag limit and size of fish back then. 14 inches is almost equivalent to the 35 cm we have today. The bag limits have always been adjusted throughout the history of the fishery (usually anglers have a lot to say about this in their expert opinions ) however they are generally raised and lowered depending on how the fishery is performing.

old licence bag 1956.jpg

(Below) Notice the offence to NOT bury fish offal. Didymo Dave would be keen on this to happen today to stop rats / stoats feeding on the offal as well as scavenging dogs. Also anglers should be aware to not leave their V cans ... coffee cups / general rubbish at the carparks or along the riverbank.

old licence pollution 1956.jpg

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