Wednesday 22nd March 2017


Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 9:00am.  The rivers should be highly fishable today. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Winter feels like it is just around the corner.  The days are getting noticeably shorter now.  Daylight savings ends Sunday 2nd April. We have already had quite a few heavy dews on the ground in the mornings.  The first lot of good rain and we should start to see the first runs of rainbows moving up the river (if they haven't already been sneaking through).  The browns should keep making their way up river.  Any time the river gets dirty is a good chance to fish for these browns (as I have said many times over the years - don't wait until the water gets too clear if you want to catch these fish !!! )

Also remember that there is a planned tunnel inspection and water flows will be diverted back into the Tongariro.  This is due to start Monday 3rd April and goes until Friday the 7th April.  Expected flows are to be around 45-55cumecs in town here in Turangi.  Also remember that any rain that does flow may increase this even further. 

The Pessimists amongst you will complain that it is too high and won't bother going fishing.

The Optimists amongst you will get out your sinking lines / shooting heads / switch rods / spey rods and have the time of your life swinging wets.

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