Thursday 22nd March 2018


Overcast. Kind of warm and humid.  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is fishable but still contains some milky colour to the deeper pools. 

I managed to get out for a fish on Tuesday with my Swedish mate Kjell. We fished the Tongariro River.  The day was nice and sunny and bright. The water still contained a slight milky colour to the deeper parts of the river.

We hooked a few nymphing but had to move around a bit to locate some fish.

There were quite a few smaller fish rising to take something off the surface.  Whatever they were taking were way too small to see. 

big brown trout fishing 1 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Above) Kjell landed this rainbow after changing his fly after catching nothing for half an hour. The first cast after changing his fly he caught this.

big brown trout fishing 2 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Above) Kjell fighting a good strong rainbow just under the S.H.1 road bridge. 

(Below) A nice rainbow landed by Kjell.

big brown trout fishing 3 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) Releasing the rainbow from the picture above.  This one had nice colours to it.

big brown trout fishing 4 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) I hooked into this rainbow.  As soon as the fish took I saw my indicator twitch ... next thing big black Shag surfaced about 3 feet away from my indicator !! I went into a mode of panic thinking that the Shag was going to attack the fish I had just hooked.  This happened to me a few years ago and I had a hell of a job trying to land a fish while a Shag had grabbed it and took off downriver.  I did land that fish though ! There seem to be a heap of Shags around at the moment both in the river and lake.

big brown trout fishing 5 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) Another Tongariro River rainbow landed on Tuesday evening.

big brown trout fishing 6 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) Kjell was on fire on Tuesday landing this nice silver rainbow too. 

big brown trout fishing 7 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) I hooked this good sized brown on the nymph and had a bit of a sprint down the river to try and land it !

big brown trout fishing 8 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) The same fish as the picture above. 

big brown trout fishing 9 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) This was a solid fish.

big brown trout fishing 91 tongariro river 20032018.jpg


big brown trout fishing 92 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Above & Below) We changed to the wetline and got another couple of browns.  This was another nice fat conditioned one that I landed. All released to give some other anglers a chance to get them.

big brown trout fishing 93 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

(Below) Kjell also landed another nice conditioned brown in the Tongariro River on Tuesday evening. This one was nice and silver. Overall we had a really good day on the river.

Andrew was saying that most anglers in the shop over the week weren't really catching much in the Tongariro.  The fish are there but doing the right things are essential to catch them. In particular paying attention to leaders lengths, weights of fly that you may be using, mending and drifting your flies correctly, also changing your location.  If something is not working DO something about it. 

big brown trout fishing 94 tongariro river 20032018.jpg

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