Monday 22nd June 2015


The sun is out in Turangi today.  The Tongariro has dropped from about 730 cumecs to 73 cumecs this morning.  I would fish the Tongariro at present with a sinking line.  It should be better later in the day though. These photos were taken on the weekend showing a raging Tongariro river. Although this looks big and angry it is still only half the volume of the 2004 flood which got up to 1450 cumecs. The last time we got a lot of floods in a year was in 2008, with about 13 big floods throughout the year.

Floods have the ability to knock the trout population back in terms of numbers and they cull more fish than what we as anglers will do. This will keep the fishery in a good balance between numbers of trout and food. Many years ago anglers thought floods were bad, however they are beneficial to fishery. So not all doom and gloom, the good thing is that you may have a new river to discover once again.



1ntake2  20.jpg

(Above)  Looking upstream towards the hydro pool.


(Below)  Looking off the Major Jones Swing Bridge upstream towards the hydro pool in the distance.

intake3 20.jpg


intake1  20.jpg

(Above) Just down stream from the SH1 road bridge.



(Above) This is the Waikato Falls on the Upper Tongariro.


(Below) A flooded Poutu Intake on the Upper Tongariro

intakes 1.jpg


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