Wednesday 22nd June 2016


Overcast with heavy rain first thing this morning, easing as I am writing this. No wind.  The Tongariro is fishable.

This bit of rain should entice some fresh run fish up all of the rivers.  Things were getting pretty dry around here so it is good to finally get some decent rain. This will freshen the rivers up a bit.

A little bit more "delayed coverage" from my Sunday afternoon fishing expedition on the Tongariro. It is good to have an explore around to keep up with the ever changing river.  Failure to do this will cause you to go the way of the Dinosaurs. 

This is the Duchess Pool.  This has changed slightly over the years. It is very deep and swirly.


(Below) A nice deep channel here.


(Below) This is looking off the Cliff from the photos above on Sunday afternoon. I saw a good sized fish in here plus a few other smaller ones. I also spotted an angler.  Can you see him ?  It is a bit like "Where's Wally".


(Below) There he is !  One of only four other anglers I spotted for an entire afternoon.


(Below) Autumn? / Winter colours on the Kowhai Flat. This is the run below the Duchess Pool.duchess5pool19062016.jpg


old book 1.jpg

(Above & Below) Here is a little bit of insight into why some pools were named.  This is taken out of a little book I got when I was a VERY young fella called "Pools of the Tongariro - Some History & Humor by Allan and Barbara Cooper"

old book2.jpg



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