Thursday, 22nd June 2017


Overcast with the look of rain but nothing as of 9:00am. Warm. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable. 

9:02 .... the rain has just started ...

Rain is forecast for the next two days.  Hopefully we get some good falls out of what is forecast. 

I managed to get out for a flick on the Tongariro yesterday.  Got in a couple of hours.  The weather over the last two days has been just fantastic.  Quite warm up to about 15 degrees celcius with very little wind.  Almost like fishing in the middle of Summer !! It was good to see anglers fishing different parts of the river. Some tucked away in nice warm sunny spots.

The river is getting a little slippery on the edges in the shallow water.  A good flush would be good at this stage.

Fish took small flashbacks and ignored the glo bugs ...

 jared 2 new simms boots 21062017.jpg

(Above & Below) This is the same fish.  A good sized rainbow that put up quite a good fight.

jared 1 new simms boots 21062017.jpg

(Below) I spent quite some time in a pool knowing there were fish there but couldn't hook up.  I changed leader lengths, flies and weights until I finally found it was "location" in the pool that was the key to hooking the fish. It was nice to be out on a nice sunny day and not having to rush.  It was good to be able to take my time and enjoy the day.

This jack was a little beat up meaning he must have been having a few scraps with others to entice the ladies ;-)

jared 3 new simms boots 21062017.jpg

(Below) About two casts after hooking the jack I landed this fish.

jared 4 new simms boots 21062017.jpg

(Below) You will notice a new pair of boots in the fish pictures now. A pair of Simms Headwaters. Nice and light.  They have good toe protection which stops the water pressure pushing down on your toes to make your toes colder. Quite a stiff platform on the boot which was a bit tricky on the first outing but the second outing was no problems at all.  The other reason I wanted these boots was being able to screw in studs to help prevent sliding on the light brown slimy rocks you can see in this picture below. The boots are designed to screw the studs in to the sole to hold them.  I did use Freesole glue to also give them extra holding capability. These studs are a mixture of Simms Tungsten Hardbite  and Star Cleats.  Still not 100% on slippery rocks but 90% better than what I was using.

jared 5 new simms boots 21062017.jpg

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