Wednesday 22nd July 2015


"Sun is shining, weather is sweet" It feels like probably the warmest morning I have felt in a while, still a refreshing cold breeze but nothing a warm jacket and gloves cant fix.  Apparently it was very windy last night in town, the big cheese and myself didn't feel anything out where we live but according to Mr Jared it picked up nearly out of no where. Thankfully though the wind has decreased and is just a slight breeze.

Still getting some great feedback from our anglers. I chatted to one of our local anglers, whose photos are below, that said that he had a few minutes to spare yesterday and in 45 minutes he landed three fish, all sizes he was happy with. I also spoke to another angler who has come to Turangi for a few days and is having his first go at fly fishing, he was amazed with the amount of fish other anglers are bringing in. Unfortunately he hadn't managed to bring in anything but hopefully with some advice from the boys in the shop he will be landing a big boy in no time!

Our Ridgeline Winter Sale is on for another month so come on in and grab yourself a bargain while you can.

Check out the lovely photos below!






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