Friday 22nd July 2016


Overcast with no wind here in Turangi this morning.  All rivers are fishable. Looks like more rain is forecast for the weekend.  This should bring more fish though the rivers if we get extra volume to them. 

Andrew headed out on the Tongariro River yesterday afternoon for a flick and managed to land 4 fish with the last one a nice cracker fish. Unfortunately he keeps leaving his Memory Card stuck in the computer and forgot to put it back in his camera .... so sorry no photos .... he looks to have forgotten most of his flies and ended up only having a blue glo bug which looks like it did the trick !

I received another email and photo overnight thanks to John Pocock.  It appears to be another "Fishy Story".  John writes:

Hi Jared,
Thought you might be interested in this. The last two days I have spent an hour each day fishing the Island Pool. On the first day I lost a set of flies on a snag (bomb, bead nymph, white caddis). Today I was using a copper bomb, tungsten nymph, with a glo bug on the end. Got snagged again and managed to retrieve the flies I lost yesterday. The remarkable thing about this is somehow the lost set of flies got 'tied' on the end of the glo bug as if it was tied on by hand ready for fishing. How's that for a fishing story! Refer attached photo, which is large so you can see the tie on to the glo bug.


tongariro river nymphs john pockock july 2016.jpg

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