Saturday 22nd July 2017 


9:30am  The Boss reports 

 - Waitahanui colour ... fishable possibly if you knew the river in selected spots. 

- Hinemaiaia a lot of water running through there now coloured and basically unfishable

- Tauranga Taupo high, colour possibly fishable below the State Highway Bridge


Overcast with light rain falling.  As of 9:00am the Tongariro is flowing at about 120 cumecs.  We had more heavy rain most of the early morning and this may cause the river to come up again.

At this stage the river doesn't look too bad and if you are desperate you could fish the side water, side channels or backwaters in certain places. Caution should be exercised here and possibly stay on the bank and not wade.  If not most others will head to the Hinemaiaia which was the case yesterday ( some did quite well catching fish ) .... if you want the Hine to yourself over times like this then my suggestion would be to park a 40 seater bus in each carpark with signs on the side like Northern Anglers Club or World Czech Nymphing Championships ;-)  .... Other alternatives to fish are the Tokaanu Tailrace or the Kuratau Spit. 

Wow !!! Did it rain early this morning!!  I was thinking that if it kept up then I might have to start herding animals two by two onto some watercraft and ride out 40 days and 40 nights !!!  Walking to work this morning even the worms were on migration ... I saw heaps along the footpaths ... any more rain and the fish would have been able to swim the footpaths and hoover those worms down. The ground is now saturated.

Reports yesterday indicated very little fishing activity but the day before anglers reports a BOOMER day.  Once the river settles a bit then we should be into some more good fishing days. 


(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from earlier in the week. The following pictures and email are thanks to Wayne. 

Hi The Sporting Life crew,

Great to catch up during our trip to Turangi. Fishing this last week was hard early in the week but great toward the end . Then unfortunately  good things come to an end,we had to go home to earn some money for our next trip. All the fish caught were great looking fish with some that much better. I have sent some photos of some we caught. The brown was the best condition brown I have ever caught, not the biggest but very pink flesh topping 5lb. When I caught the brown it was quite a bit lighter in colour with quite q few reddish spots on it which I had never seen before. The next was a thick set jack a little under 5lb. The pair I caught just before the flood. The top one a little over 5lb and the other 4.5lb. Some great conditioned fish now ready for the smoker.

Hope to see you all again sooner rather than later.

Tight lines,Regards Wayne



w wayne 1 tongariro july 2017.jpg


w wayne 2 tongariro river july 2017.jpg


w wayne 3 tongariro river july 2017.jpg


w wayne 4 tongariro river july 2017.jpg

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