Tuesday 22nd September 2015


The day dawned nice and sunny today.  For those of you planning on travelling here for a fish, the rivers are fishable.  The Tongariro looks good and with the drive back from Taupo I did yesterday afternoon all of the rivers looked good to fish at that stage. 

We didn't get a lot of rain over the last two days as the weather looked to be coming from the SE which usually dumps on the other side of the Kaimanawa Ranges.  You couldn't see these or Mt Ruapehu yesterday due to thick white "marshmallow" blizzard clouds. As a consequence all we got was strong, cold winds.  Quite a contrast this morning with no wind and bright sunny skies.

Once again the weather shines on Turangi and the rivers are fishable. 


Daylight Savings Start 27 September ( 5 days away )

Lake Otamangakau opens 1 October ( 8-9 days away )

Christmas .... according to the two important events above is ..... just around the corner !!


(Above) Anglers fishing the Tongariro on Sunday !  Check out how that cloud was hovering over the tops of the Umukarkari Range. It got pretty cold on Sunday.  Later in the day it warmed up a bit and I saw plenty of Mayflies hatching.  Just saw the odd fish take something off the surface.  Another week or two and the fish should be readily looking up for those who are keen on the dry fly fishing. 


(Above) I ended up catching quite a few fish.  Most were darker jacks. They put up some great fights and were a lot of fun.


(Above & Below) The same hen.  It looks to have been attacked by a shag in the past with the v mark on its side. This one also had a lump to the right of this mark suggesting it also had shag worm. The fish took the fly right down in the mouth.  This makes it hard to get out and release the fish. That is where a good pair of forceps are needed.

I also conducted an experiment with different flies and combos. Most anglers ask "what colour" is working and with the glo bugs they took all different ones. This one took an orange colour, others took champagne with a red dot and some others took pink, also got one on a horn case caddis. The interesting thing was if the drift was right .... I seemed to hook a fish regardless of what fly I had on ! 

There was an angler wetlining in the pool below me and I saw him land a few nice fish.  After a while I wandered down to him to see how he had got on.  He was doing pretty good but he said to me .... every time I looked around I saw you playing another fish!!!!  I also saw plenty of other anglers on Sunday hooking up and playing fish.


(Below) More and more fish are now starting to turn up as kelts/slabs/recovering fish.  This one was a little worse for wear.  It also had very red open wounds just below the gill plates.  I was wondering if it was where someone grabbed the fish to release it and it got infected ? If releasing fish it is always advisable to wash your hands first before touching the fish. Most of the time I land fish I just slide them into the shallows to unhook, wet my hands and just gently right them and slide them back into the water.


(Below) I found this trout in the shallows in a mild state of decomposition.  It was quite a good looking fish and wondered if it had succumbed to poor handling upon release ?  The first thing the birds go for are they eyes and gills.




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