Thursday 22nd September 2016


Overcast.  No wind.  All rivers are fishable. There appears to be plenty of fish in the Tongariro at present. Seems to be a mixture in terms of some cracker rainbows of a good size to a lot that are nice and fresh but just over the 40cm mark ... seems to be hens as well. Some darker jacks and some spent fish. 

Some good Mayfly hatches occurring now to so keep your eyes peeled for this activity.  Make the most of the lack of wind.  Usually over the next few weeks it picks up and becomes gusty which makes it hard to cast for fly fishing.

Don't forget Lakes Otamangakau and Kuratau open on the 1st October.


fly fishing tongariro river fresh 1 run 20092016.jpg

(Above) I went out for a flick on Tuesday in the Tongariro.  It was nice and sunny.  I really like fishing on days like this.  Especially when the river is nice and clear. The beauty of the water being clear is that when you hook a fish and get to fight it you can see all the action. 

(Below) I managed to hook 5 and land three in about 40 minutes on Tuesday. This shows the types of fish that are in the Tongariro at the moment.  The top fish is a darker jack, the middle fish is an older hen and the bottom fish is a fresh run silver hen but just over the legal size of 40cm. 

fly fishing tongariro river fresh 2 run 20092016.jpg

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