Saturday 22nd September 2018


Overcast but fine. A slight breeze blowing. The Tongariro is clear and fishable. 

Reports are coming in from anglers that fish are rising to Mayflies during the day.  More anglers are taking out small natural nymphs now with White Caddis, Green Caddis and Pheasant Tails being popular. 

There have been some really good evening rises over the last few nights.  I dusted off the #6 rod and went out for a look last night to see what I could see.  There were some rather large fish coming up and broaching the surface.  They were particularly liking the Mayflies before dark. I didn't have full waders on so couldn't get into a position to take advantage of getting a cast to them and the usual story of being on one side of the river and nearly all of the rises were on the other side.

I heard a " schloooop " not far from me so shortend my line, had a cast and " Whammo " a fish came up and hit the dry. It had quite a good fight and landed it and found it was a small brown. The satisfaction of catching your first fish on a dry for the season.  Anything after this is a bonus. 

Later in the evening I switched on the headlight and saw caddis insects crawling all over me. Better get out the Sporting Caddis dry flies for a burn.

Hearing a rise is just as important as seeing one.  The beauty of the evening rise fishing is the fish give away their location.


21092018 dry fly fishing new zealand 1 tongariro river mayfly dry fly.jpg

(Above) These little fish are feisty on the light gear.  The bigger ones pull pretty good too. It is almost like they get a shock when the insect they are feeding on is attached to a line !!

(Below) Parachute dry flies are really good as they sit flat in the surface film and have a white post on them which makes them easy to see.  I also prefer posts made out of chartreuse , orange or a fluoro pink colour as these are easily distinguishable from white being the same colour as the foam in the water. 

21092018 dry fly fishing new zealand 2 tongariro river mayfly dry.jpg

(Below) These caddis insects were crawling all over the rocks and my legs.  A rather popular fly pattern for these insects is the Sporting Caddis dry fly. 

21092018 dry fly fishing new zealand tongariro river 3 caddis dry fly sporting caddis.jpg

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