Sunday 22nd October 2017


Overcast with light drizzle falling at times. No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.  

Whew ... we ended up being quite busy in the shop yesterday !!  Quite a few anglers have turned up for the long Labour Weekend holiday. Some were more interested in just having a nice relaxing break in Turangi rather than heading out for a fish.

Turangi is a great place to just chill out and relax .... we still don't have a set of traffic lights yet ! If you are really busy at work and are sick of the pace of life in some of the bigger centers then Turangi is a great place to even just take a nice walk along the river, head out for a bike ride or have a picnic beside Lake Taupo.

Quite a few anglers called into the shop yesterday to pick up some dry flies as this type of fishing is really picking up now.  Most taking out Blue Duns, Kakahi Queens, Dads Favorites, and Parachute Adams.  A few anglers have been collecting some caddis dry flies for the evening rise.  This is just starting to really pick up and usually build in intensity over the next month or so. 

Some anglers have reported not much in the nymphing category but have done better using a dry/dropper combo.  One angler reported going through the pool with a nymph .... no luck, then went back through with a dry/dropper combo and then picked up fish right where he had been through with the nymph.  

When it hasn't been too windy to get out, the boaties have done quite well trolling using black and gold tobys, pink flash toby, traffic light cobra and green/yellow bodied cobras.

Some good reports from jiggers too with fish caught with smelt in them particularly around Kuratau. 

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