Wednesday 22nd November 2017


Fine and sunny here in Turangi today !!  About time we got some decent sunny days. No wind as of 9:00am. All rivers are clear and fishable. Any volunteers who want to work for me today so I can go fishing on a FANTASTIC Spring day here in Turangi ??

Getting mixed reports from anglers on the river at the moment.  Some doing REALLY well and are enjoying the catching .... others struggling to hook up on a fish ?

The evening rise is possibly your best shot at catching something if you are struggling during the day, however don't go home too early. 

We had local angler Graham Hamilton in the shop the other day who had done really well out on Lake Taupo jigging. His lures had hardly hit the bottom before a fish had attached itself to one of his hooks. We have been getting really good reports from jiggers and also the trollers over the last day or two from the Southger End of Lake Taupo. 

Jigging try silicon smelts, red bodied green orbits, grey ghosts, smaller yellow ladies, taupo tiger red, smaller olive woolly buggers with flash in the tail. 

Trolling try Smashing Pumpkins as they have just been smashing it !


fantastic four november 2017.jpg


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