Monday 23rd January 2017


Overcast, dark and grey. No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is fishable with either nymph or wetline this morning. The river has dropped to around 40 cumecs and is HIGHLY fishable with either the wetline or nymph. That is the beauty of the Tongariro, it normally drops quickly and remains fishable.  As an angler who wants to angle .... you want fishable water.

(Below) Peter Carty was out and about this morning and took this picture looking upstream from the Major Jones Swing bridge to a highly fishable river.  

wet tongariro river 23012017.jpg

(Below) The Tongariro River at about 7:00pm last night.  The river was quite brown and got up to about 92 cumecs. 

dirty tongariro river 22012017.jpg

(Below) I had this picture sent in yesterday thanks to Pete Collins who writes:

Hi Guys 
Here is  a sight that I have not see before.
It must be a new line in wet weather fish garb.
Pete Collins  

umbrella angler tongariro river fly fishing 22012017.jpg


cicada 1 husk 23012017.jpg

(Above & Below) Last year the cicadas were full on at this time but as I have said in the past they are quite temperature sensitive. Since we have had cooler temperatures they have been delayed somewhat, however they have been hatching when the temperatures have got up.  Here are a couple of husks I recovered from home this morning. 

cicada 2 husk 23012017.jpg



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