Tuesday 23rd January 2018


1:00pm  The sun has come out and the cicadas are chirping madly !!


Overcast, warm and humid. No rain as of 8:30am. The Tongariro is highly fishable and flowing at about 42 cumecs.

The river has been getting some consistent flows to it and at times the odd touch of olive colour.  Ideal conditions for the wetline. Not too many reports from cicada fishing yet .... need more sunshine to get things cranking, however the odd fish has been picked up using a cicada.  Over the last week I have seen more and more Passion Vine Hoppers. 

Some fairly favourable reports from the mouths.  It appears quite a few spent fish are hanging around the delta but most reports tend to be of spent fish. These fish should provide some sport as they will be trying to regain condition by feeding on smelt and koura.


I received this email and photo this morning thanks to Jason Bleibtreu from River Birches Lodge this morning.  The mist appeared to hang over the river this morning. Jason writes:

River is looking nice today as seen from the Birches Bridge at 7:45am.


jason river birches tongariro river 23012018.jpg

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