Wednesday 23rd March 2016


11:30am  Wind picking up to quite gusty ... still not raining.

Overcast. Slight breeze.  All rivers are fishable.  Looks like we might get some rain in the next day or two (no rain in sight yet though 9:00am). This should stir up the rivers .... hopefully we get enough to put some colour into them just before the Easter weekend. Might pay to have the wetline on standby as this will be the chance to catch the browns with relative ease. Also you should pick up some good rainbows just as the water starts to clear if it gets some colour. 

Hopefully if we get some higher flows then this will knock a lot of juvenile fish out of the rivers back to the lake. They tend to hang around in the river for a few months unless we get some good flushes.  Usually they become a bit of a pest if it is bigger fish that you are targeting, however can be a lot of fun on light gear. Some anglers seem a bit concerned at seeing so many "small" fish, however this is the result of a natural spawning process and these will be the future ones to catch.

It will be interesting to see what kind of a Winter we will get. Will we get a dry frosty one? Will we get a dark, morbid wet one? Will we get a snowy one ? Will we get a sunny one ? I really like the nice sunny days with a sharp frost to greet you in the morning with the river running low and clear.

(Below) Here is a bit of nostelgia .... a couple of anglers fishing the Blue Pool about 14 years ago while it was snowing with the rocks covered in snow ..... actually I am really a fan of Summer fishing these days ...... 



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