Friday 23rd March 2018


Overcast, warm and humid. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable but contains some colour. Boy did it rain again overnight! 

A little bit of delayed coverage from Wednesday. Kjell and I decided to head to the Tauranga-Taupo River for a look on Wednesday.  We had heavy overnight rain the night before and were quite surprised to find the river clear as gin. 

Years ago Admiral Hickling said this was a great river " Ideal for Children and Octogenarians ". 

You can see in this picture that in most places the river bed is a sandy bottom.  Care should be taken wading in the shallow stony places as the stones are quite slippery.  The river has nice gentle pools and shallow riffle runs. A great river to fish on a sunny day which great for spotting fish. 

We spotted plenty of good sized fish but they were super spooky.


tauranga taupo river 1 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below)  Kjell actually caught one !  At first we thought it was a Willow Leaf on the end of his line and he tried casting it off ... I noticed it wriggle a bit and said to him he had a " fish on " !!!

tauranga taupo river 2 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) A nice river to be out and about on.

tauranga taupo river 3 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) There were plenty of fish rising but most of them appeared to be smaller fish.  I couldn't see what they were taking but I noticed these things on bushes along the river bank.  I was wondering if these were dropping off the bushes.  Does anyone know what these are ?  If you grab a bush and they squash on your hands then they leave a stain.

I received a reply on this thanks to Scotty.  Scotty writes:

Hi Jared,

           That insect you saw at the TT was the Buddlea leaf weevil. It was introduced to control the spread of Buddlea and has been quite successful, although its’ natural spread is the limiting factor. There was a liberation in Lake Taupo Forest 6 or 7 years ago on Kiko road and it is slowly spreading. It is quite noticeable at the moment at Hallets bay where all the buddlea in flower looks like it’s been sprayed. There is a lot of info available from Scion and Landcare research if you google.



tauranga taupo river 4 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) Some fish were rising and I convinced Kjell to put a dry fly on ... something he didn't want to do, but if they are going to hand themselves to you on a plate then you should change and do something about it.  A few casts later this fish shot out of the depths and grabbed the dry fly.

 In the shop we have encountered many anglers who only want to fish a specific way therefore limiting themselves as to what they can catch and what sort of fish they can catch. However here at Sporting Life we like to fish many different techniques depending on the weather patterns, river flows, times of the day or night.  If you only want to fish a specific way you will severely limit your fish catching abilities. Also an attitude of "I only want to catch big fish", or "I only want to catch fish on a dry fly" severely limits you as well. For me I don't care what I catch or how many I catch so long as I am just out and about fishing. As we say ... it beats working !

tauranga taupo river 5 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) Kjell at the Office "working" on a stunning day at the Tauranga-Taupo River on Wednesday.

tauranga taupo river 6 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) We headed off to have a flick at one of the mouths for a change of scenery.  For those of you who like fishing for Bone Fish, have you ever tried catching one of these?  This is a Lake Taupo Bone Fish ... just a bit sluggish on the fight ....

I saw lots of dead fish at the mouths. 

tauranga taupo river 7 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) Look at that rip flowing into the lake !

tauranga taupo river 8 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) Would you rather be here or working ?

tauranga taupo river 9 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) I managed to land this fish on a smelt fly. It put up a good fight.  When I landed it I noticed the tail looked funny.  It was red and had chunks taken out of it.

tauranga taupo river 91 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

(Below) I released the fish and it swam off happy.

tauranga taupo river 92 fly fishing 21032018.jpg

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