I saw them running through the Major


As the first week of school holidays ends I was beginning to wonder where all the holiday makers were. It had been quieter than I expected on the Tongariro and through Turangi itself. This morning I think marks a turn in that trend, I had a few morning fisherman in the shop to restock on flys, buy sunglasses and just generally stock up on the things they forgot to pack as they hurried the kids into the car.

There was a good number of fish holding below the Major Jones pool this morning. I counted 11 before I nearly rode my bike into a tree and over the edge to join them in the water. Have been getting some positive reports about the town pools, not talking huge numbers but there are fish being caught more regularly.


The rain has held off again and its another cracker morning outside the shop. I'd still like to see us get some rain and see if it will get a few more fish running. Still some good chatter about the fishing the Lake, Harling seems to be productive at the moment. Some of the local guides tell me they have put their jigging gear away for the meantime and full focus on Harling and Trolling.


Wayne was in town recently and I caught up with him the other day at the Hydro Pool. Wayne sent in a few photos from his trip and I have attached them below. Good stuff Wayne.




Hi The sporting crew,
Had a great few days in Turangi fishing and great weather.
The fishing I found hard but had some rewards.
Great to see you in the Hydro the other evening.
Some fish rising and tacking the flys.
Had a little fun but nothing landed.
Practiced a lot of catch and release on some very large browns but not by choice.
Over the past few days had mixed results some on the wetline, nymphing,and 1 on the dry at night, but the fish caught have been in the best condition I have caught in the past 10 years all fresh run & no subway fish.
Although saw plenty rising small fish both day and evenings.
A couple were  with red flesh , very fresh run caught a couple of days after the  water release.
Back to reality work has to be done.
Have sent some photos of 3 of several fish landed 2, 4lb and 1, 4.5lb   and kept to smoke..
Thanks for sharing your reports and your river.
Tight Lines Wayne






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