Monday 23rd May 2016


Overcast, light airs as of 9:00am. No rain.  The Tongariro is fishable first thing this morning. The Waiotaka has a tinge of green colour to it. No reports on the other rivers yet.  Yesterday they were all fishable.

We have been getting some rain but the Tongariro hasn't really come up too much.  The temperatures have really cooled off now and the barometer has dropped which are usual indicators for fish to run. When the temperature get low enough most of the rain may fall as snow and not cause the level of the river to come up too much. 

It would be nice to get about a 200cumec flood in the Tongariro to give it a good flush and scour some of the nymphs out from the rocks. 

Seems like glo bugs might be the go on the river if you are nymphing.

Little whispers have told me some fish have navigated to the Delta ... some nice looking rainbows.

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