Tuesday 23rd June 2015


The day is sunny in Turangi once again and the Tongariro is down to about 53 cumecs and is highly fishable today. Should be interesting to see what is caught once it settles down.  Should be some nice fat rainbows come up after this flood that we had over the weekend.

A little bit more delayed coverage from the weekend.  This is a good sized rainbow caught in the Hinemaiaia by Rob Stevens competing in the Omori Challenge which is in its 16th year.  Hooked in the nose and released as foulhooked.

This year anglers are getting "smoked" by some really good fish.  Possibly I would call this year a "better than average year" in terms of fish size and quality as reported by most anglers. Always remember this may fluctuate up ..... or down ;-)

zzz fromthe Hine.jpg

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