Friday, 23rd June 2017


Overcast, warm with some light rain falling at times. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is fishable this morning. 

Some good reports of running fish through the Tongariro and Waiotaka Rivers yesterday.

The Tongariro came up to 42 cumecs overnight but is back down to 26 cumecs today and is highly fishable this morning. Should be a good weekend for those heading this way. Better leave work early today ! 

All can say is just get out there and do it !

A little bit of delayed coverage from Monday thanks to Seth Fasher. Where else can you go for a fish so easybefore picking the kids up from school ? Seth writes:

Good afternoon Lads
Just thought I'd share 1 hours fishing before picking the kids up from school. Turangi / Tongariro magic.   

Best regards
Seth Fasher



  seth 2 fasher june 2017.jpg

(Above) Check out this solid brown caught by Seth !!

(Below) A nice looking solid rainbow jack with some nice red colour to it. 

seth 3 fasher june 2017.jpg


seth 1 fasher june 2017.jpg


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