Monday 23rd July 2018


Fine and sunny start to the day with some high cloud moving in.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at a very fishable level of 34 cumecs.

With the school holidays over we should start to see some of the more regular anglers head out of the woodwork.  In the next month or so we should see a few more fishing clubs turn up as well.

Mixture of reports of some really nice fish caught and also a few spent ones. These spent ones are interesting as I think these may have possibly been the early runners that have been pounded a bit by the flooding and high water that we have had this year, so I would think these may have been flushed back down river a wee bit early. Still a bit of fun to catch. 

It is quite surprising that we have had some very good reports from the Trollers out on Lake Taupo.  One angler took out some big grey ghost flies over the weekend and said he was picking up some good fish on the Western side of the Lake that were chokka full of smelt when he landed them.  Popular trolling lures have been the silver and blue toby, spotty gold, baby brown and traffic light lures with the odd pink in the mix. 

I am wondering that after the cruddy summer we had, some of the fish may sill be hanging out in the Lake trying to put on a bit more condition before running. 



turangi fishing report 1 island pool tongariro river 23072018.jpg

(Above) One angler fishing across in the main Tongariro River channel at the Island Pool at about 1:00pm today.  I spotted one other angler sitting in his car eating lunch and couldn't see any others upstream.

(Below) Looking upstream to the tail of the Major Jones pool. A funny day weather wise here today.  It started off nice and sunny but a misty cloud has been hovering about the tops of the local hills. 

turangi fishing report 2 island pool tongariro river 23072018.jpg


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