Wednesday 23rd September 2015


Overcast start to the day today but we have a calm day.  A bit of rain first thing this morning but nothing to do too much to the rivers. The last day or two has seen anglers turn up in the shop having come from other parts of the country that are in flood and are amazed at how fishable the river here are. Over the years I have commented on how in Turangi we seem to be in a little micro climate of our own and usually by the time weather arrives to us the sting has been taken out of it.  As a consequence we are able to potentially "fish more"

Here is a little bit more delayed coverage from Sunday.  I fished the Tongariro in the morning and had quite a bit of fun and for the afternoon I thought that I would visit the Waiotaka River to see if I still had "the touch".  I learnt to fish the Waiotaka as a kid since I lived in the village not far from it so it was easy to walk down. Not long and I came across a pool about the size of two bathtubs which I managed to hook about 6 or 7 fish in.  What a lot of fun trying to land the fish in such a small space.  Although the river is small I find it quite a technical little river to fish.  Conditions were just perfect on Sunday afternoon with the river containing just a little bit of colour.


(Above & Below) The same fish.  A nice bright silver one. 









(Above & Below) I landed this fish and saw that it had two strange markings on it by the dorsal fin.  The first thing that sprung to mind was that they looked like "finger" marks.  I was wondering if this fish had been touched by an angler previously with dry hands which may have caused this. It appears the "wounds" managed to heal ok for this fish.


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