Saturday 23rd September 2017


Fine and sunny ... another stunning day here in Turangi today. A slight breeze as of 11:00am. The Tongariro is highly fishable but clear. A cracker Spring day with nice sunny day yet again.  The last week has had anglers reporting seeing fish rising to Mayflies. Observation is the key here.  Most anglers will see something happening but continue to fish the same as they have always done. Observation and then getting your brain to process what you are seeing are two different things ... and then the other thing is once you have processed what you have seen to then change what you have been doing are sometimes impossible for some anglers. 

This is where "knowledge" comes into play .... ie why are the fish rising ? what are the fish rising to ? and then what fly should I use ? This comes back to the stock standard basic skill of fly fishing in the form of these three words .... SIZE, SHAPE and COLOUR.

Fly fishing is essentially the ability to imitate what the fish may be feeding on. A knowledge of aquatic insect life then is also an advantage to an angler.  Over the years this is where I have heard anglers saying "we were down at the river and one guy was pulling fish out after fish while the others were catching nothing " Normally the others are carrying out the exercise of washing their flies.

If you are CZ nymphing then you kind of cheat yourself out of learning to cast a fly line to then present a dry fly to a fish ... 

Over the next month if conditions are good then you may experience some fresh run fish rising to take insects off the surface. Fish caught on a dry fly really put up a different fight to those caught nymphing. Normally you get the recovering fish trying to gain condition and feed hard out.  Usually with the evening rise the fish go nuts on the Caddis right on dark ... they must be easy to get for the fish and they are also usually abundant. Oooooh I like this time of the year !




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