Wednesday 24th January 2018


Fine and sunny with blue sky for a change !!! Still humid. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at about 39 cumecs and is highly fishable. 

Now that the sun has come out the cicadas are chirping madly !! Think cicadas for the next few weeks ! I have also been seeing more and more Passion Vine Hoppers / Lace moths over the last week. Usually these are best fished on a windy days as the wind blows these off the overhanging bushes and onto the water. I noticed one year the rising would stop when the wind died off and then when the wind picked up the rising started again.  It is quite hard to identify these Vine Hoppers on the water as they sit flat in the surface film so you can't really see them.  I got frustrated one day trying to figure out what the fish were taking.  In the end I waded across the river up to my armpits to see what the bugs were that were floating down the river ..... you guessed it Passion Vine Hoppers !

(Below) A Passion Vine Hopper on the underside of a leaf on my Rhubarb last night.

tongariro river passion vine hopper lace moth.jpg

(Below) I am slowly working my way around the river after the flood to check on any changes.  So far I have liked what I have seen.  Some nice clear water appears to have formed in areas. Some anglers may lose their favourite spot but for others it is a chance to fish a "new" river and explore this water. This is what we called the Landing Strip after the vegetation was cleared a few years ago.  Each flood we get keeps eating away more  of the bank.  Where I have taken this photo is where most anglers used to park their cars. Rocks have been put at the start of the track to prevent vehicle access as you wont get too far in a vehicle ... also if you haven't been here for a while and decided to go for an early fish in the dark and wanted to drive out there you might have disappeared over the bank ;-) 

tongariro river 1 erosion 23012018.jpg

(Below) Looking downstream from the picture above.  This is some nice looking water now.

tongariro river 2 erosion 23012018.jpg

(Below) This is about 130m downstream from the picture above. Once again some nice looking water.

tongariro river 3 erosion 23012018.jpg

(Below) The "sticks" looking back upstream to the S.H. 1 road bridge.

tongariro river 5 erosion 23012018.jpg

(Below) Looking towards the Bain Pool. Some nice looking water around these areas.

tongariro river 4 erosion 23012018.jpg

(Below) We got a bit of thunder after work yesterday with a little bit of drizzly rain for half an hour .... it was really hot and humid and after the thunder it cleared up. The good thing with that was the temperature dropped to about 20 degrees celcius.  This blue sky has been a bit of a rear occurance for us here in Turangi ... I've been getting sick of grey clouds and rain !!

tongariro river stormy skies 23012018.jpg 

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