Thursday 24th March 2016



3:45pm River peaked at 67 cumecs brown and going down.

1:40pm  River up to 45 cumecs.  Rain stopped. If no more rain should be all good and fishable the Easter weekend.

10:30am HEAVY rain now falling.

Overcast, warm, drizzly rain to heavy rain falling at times. Gusty NE. At this stage of the day (9:30am) the Tongariro is still highly fishable. Hopefully we wont get too much out of this and the rivers should be great for the weekend. 

Will try and keep you updated throughout the day in terms of river conditions.  

I had a very interesting night last night.  I picked up my Swedish mate Kjell (pronounced Shell) after work.  We wanted to get out before it got dark so he could have a nymph. He has said he has been struggling to catch fish and most others he has spoken to have been the same.  Off we go. Get to the river ... get him sorted out ... he has a few casts and then ... bang he's into one ... I said to him "I thought you said there were no fish in the river ?".  He lands it. A few cast later ...... bang ... he's into another one.  This time from what I could see it was a good sized rainbow that looked about 4 lbs ... he plays it closer to the bank and about a meter from the bank the fish rolls and gets off ..... bugger.  I said to Kjell "how come there are no fish in the river until I come out fishing with you ?".  While I am standing next to him he has a couple more casts then he strikes hard .... bang ... we heard a funny sound and both thought "what was that?".  Initially we thought he had broken the rod but no! We were standing there a bit confused and eventually worked out that his line had snapped clean in half (looks like he had stood on it with the studs of his boot).  Meanwhile not far out in the river we hear "slap,slap" as the fish jumps out of the water trying to shake loose the other half of his fly line !!! Unbelievable.

We changed to the wetline to have a go at a brown as it was getting dark.  I had one good take with a fish grabbing the fly, shake, shake, shake and it was gone !!  Next thing I hear Kjell say "Oh My God!!  I have landed the smallest fish ever on my woolly bugger it is about 6 or 7 centimeters long ! I don't believe it !!! It is about the same size as my woolly bugger"  

After a while not a lot was happening so we decided to sit down and have a hot drink.  We pulled out our thermos's and proceeded to pour.  I looked across to Kjell pouring his out and noticed in the torchlight that his was very pale looking and looked whiter than snow.  I said "what are you drinking?"  he said "coffee", I said "are you sure?", he said "yes, it tastes like coffee", I said "are you sure", he said "yes", I said "how come it looks white then?".

Next thing Kjell took a good look at it.  He said "where is the coffee?".  I said "obviously not in there, did you forget to put it in?".  He said "I had the spoon, I had the coffee on the end of the spoon, I know HOW much coffee I had on the end of the spoon .... but ..... where is it? OH MY GOD !!!!  DON'T GET OLD !!!"

Well, I couldn't stop laughing. I lent him some brown looking tea of mine !

We had a bit more of a fish and had no luck so packed up and went to another pool.  About two casts there, Kjell whistles out that he has one on and manages to land it !  After that not much else, so after loosing a heap of flies for the night, having an episode with the coffee we decided to pull the pin !


(Above) The first fish landed nymphing by Kjell.  His second one on the nymph was a cracker but unfortunately got off!

(Below) The rainbow landed on the wetline. 


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